New Publication: Run-time Analysis of Road Surface Conditions Using Non-Contact Microwave Sensing

The Smart Systems Group congratulates Dr. Jamie Blanche for the acceptance of his paper to the IEEE Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things on Sunday 13th December. This conference was held virtually and hosted in Dubai, UAE.

Co-authored by Mr. Daniel Mitchell and Prof. David Flynn, this paper presents the results of Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave radar (FMCW) analysis for real-time salt detection on road surfaces. Experiments are conducted within laboratory conditions and field trials, with the FMCW sensor installed onto a commercial road gritter. Performed to industry-standard salt dispersal concentrations, we test FMCW sensitivity to ice-thaw on concrete, marine rock-salt on ice and brown-salt brine concentrations. Results demonstrate that FMCW in the K-band is sensitive to brine and rock salt in both laboratory and field conditions with consistent results for incremental salt residues in the field of view of the sensor observed. FMCW sensing holds significant prospect for providing previously inaccessible data relating to runtime dynamic road surface conditions and environmental monitoring.

You can view a narrated version of Jamie’s presentation on the Smart Systems Group YouTube channel here.

IEEE Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things (2020 IEEE GCAIoT) is a leading forum for researchers, practitioners and stakeholders from academia, industry and government to share their latest research contributions, and exchange knowledge with the common goal of shaping the future of the interaction among AI, ML, IoT, 5G, and related technologies to foster digital transformation and develop sustainable, smart cities.

This publication will be available via the conference proceedings and IEEE Xplore.

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