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To promote sustainability and create resilience in systems, organisations, networks and societies

RobuV PhotoDr Valentin Robu's research interests include artificial intelligence, game theory and machine learning and their application to automation of real-life systems. In recent years, he has focused on applying these methods to address challenges in the smart grid area, ranging from coordination of large-scale EV charging, monitoring of storage devices performing energy demand response, or managing curtailment in distributed generation settings.

He is a Co-Investigator in the EPSRC National Center for Energy Systems Integration (CESI), and a Principal Investigator in a number of Innovate UK projects with a range of companies, including Upside Energy (Manchester), Gaia Wind (Glasgow) or Denchi Power (Thurso).

Dr. Robu has over 60 publications in top international conferences and journals in both the areas of artificial intelligence and energy systems, and has collaborated with researchers from a number of top international institutions including, for example, Harvard University (US); University of Southampton (UK); CWI Amsterdam and TU Delft (The Netherlands); Nagoya Institute of Technology (Japan); and, IBM Research (India) etc.

A full research profile can be viewed on Dr Robu's Heriot-Watt University's Research Gateway