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JamieJamie Blanche is a second year PhD student working on the fusion of internal and external sensing methodologies for laboratory-based geomechanical monitoring. Having attained a BSc (hons) at Heriot Watt University in Physics with Environmental Science, Jamie has enjoyed several years of upstream petroleum industry experience prior to achieving an MSc in Petroleum Geoscience, also from Heriot Watt University. Joining the Smart Systems Group in April 2015, Jamie’s work currently involves the novel use of radar sensing and elastico-mechano-luminescence (EML) to determine in situ flow characteristics within deformed rocks and “pseudorock” analogues, serving as a platform for preliminary work in real-time sensing within an extreme environment and a departure from current practices of post-failure analysis. This work aims to inform improved hydrocarbon extraction strategies, in addition to the augmentation of current geomechanical imaging techniques.