Robotic Technologies in Offshore Wind

Published today in Power Technology, written by Yoana Cholteeva

“As the need for better capabilities and more predictability in the offshore wind sector is growing, the industry has welcomed its collaboration with robotic technologies.

Robotics and AI come as powerful tools to help unlock human potential, providing assistance and support to inform human decision making, often adding great benefits to the process and allowing it to be more environmentally friendly.

While the robotisation of the wind industry doesn’t come without its challenges, big industry experts such as Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult and GE Renewable Energy have even taken a step towards supporting smaller innovative companies to further encourage the renewable energy acceleration.”

The full article explores how robotic systems are being used offshore and how these systems make offshore wind more environmentally friendly.

Read the full article here.

Probably in five to seven years, we’re going to start to see things like aerial systems working together with unmanned surface or increased surface vessels,” said Alex Louden of ORE Catapult. Image Credit: Martin Ruegner, via Westend61

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