SSG Research Work Published in Proceedings of Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2020

Smart Systems Group Researchers Jamie Blanche and Dr Osama Zaki are lead authors of recently published papers in the proceedings of the 2020 Offshore Technology Conference available through The conference organisers decided that despite having to cancel the conference due to the worldwide COVID-19 crisis that the work produced for the conference be published. Their statement regarding this can be viewed through this link.

Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Analysis of Dynamic Load Deformation in Geomaterials (Blanche et al. 2020)

This research advances the use of microwave radar to assess geomaterial properties by the novel application of frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar to uniaxially loaded sandstones in the laboratory. Here contrasts in reflection coefficient are interpreted to represent microfracture formation and cross-linking under compressive loading prior to through-going sample failure with results indicating prediction capability up to 35 seconds prior to sample failure. This research represents a significant advancement in the non-contact, non-invasive detection of fault/fracture formation within a loaded geomaterial and may offer insights previously unavailable to the experimental geomechanicist.

See the full abstract and the paper at the following permalink:

Self-Certification and Safety Compliance for Robotics Platforms (Zaki et al. 2020)

In this paper, the results and methodology of a framework to enable run-time safety compliance and self-certification of robotics is presented. This transferable framework is verified within a practical demonstration scenario, based on asset inspection within a confined space, and representing a Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) use case. The methodology of the framework is based on computationally efficient analysis to support run-time, front-end, data analysis and adaptive decision-making.

See the full abstract and access the paper at the following permalink:

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