The Smart Systems Group utilises a non-destructive millimetre-wave radar for the inspection of subsurface defects in a decommissioned wind turbine blade. The FMCW Radar sensor is paired alongside our Asset Inspection Dashboard (AID) which is used to visualize faults in a 3D synthetic environment.

As robotics and autonomous systems take more responsibility for operations and maintenance, the data collected must be displayed in a manner which is easily understandable and intuitive for remote human operators. As we progress the AID tool, we have the potential to use the AID to collect data from a number of inspection devices (cameras, thermography and FMCW radar) to allow for a holistic approach and enhanced operational overview of a wind farm for a remote human operator at the shoreline. The software allows for historical data to be compared and an overall improvement in the management of O&M of an offshore array. 

Try the Asset Integrity Dashboard Below: Controls: A=Left, D=Right, Mouse left click to interact.

Follow the above link to download a HD version.