The main goals of the ‘@Robot_Myths’ TikTok profile is to improve learning, promote engagement and strengthen information exchange within local communities about robots and AI. The page displays robotic demonstrations to educate and inspire a diverse range of the public. The team consisting of members from the Smart Systems Group, HWU, ORCA Hub, UoM and the RAIN Hub realised that increasingly due to lockdowns that we had to adapt our outreach due to events being cancelled alongside the advice for remote learning due to COVID-19. The use of social media in this case has been used to help young students and adults to engage with the robotic sector so that they can get useful information in a fun, convenient and interactive way. This has also helped the goal of the page to act as ‘myth busters’ for common misconceptions about different robots and AI.

The videos include introductions to different robots such as SPOT robots (named MARTIN and MARTINA by a school in Scotland), Husky ground robot, PANDA Robot Arm and Tello UAV. These videos highlight many of the cool features which these types of robots have. The ‘Robots in Action’ segment shows robotic demonstrations which have been created for industry, and have been translated into an easy way to understand.

@Robot_Myths TikTok account