Not equal

UKRI funded network

Not Equal is a UKRI funded network that looks to create new collaborations between academics, industry and the third sector. They look to ways in which technology may be used to support social justice and to create a fairer future for everyone through the digital economy.

A recent open event looked at ways in which AI may be used in the third sector, specifically for charities which work with women. Many exciting proposals have come out of this London based event and Not Equal is still accepting proposal until the 30th of April. These proposals may be for:

  • Algorithmic Social Justice
  • Digital Security for All
  • Fairer Futures for Business and Workforces

And should also respond to their second set of key topics:

  • Recognition
  • Redistribution
  • Enablement and Radical Trust
  • Proactive Resilience and Reparation
  • Accountability and Care

They provide up to £40,000 for 8 months of research.

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