Smart Systems Group Founder Receives Award at 2020 Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards

The founder of Heriot Watt Smart Systems Group Professor David Flynn, was presented with the 2020 award for Knowledge Exchange Champion of the Year at the 5th Annual Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards.

Professor Flynn has brought global advocacy for Scotland’s universities, highlighting how they serve society and industry in partnership, not only to bring solutions to today’s challenges but strategies to engineer a better future. He passionately supports new technology as an enabler for social mobility and wealth creation.

Professor Flynn made the following statement:

Thank you to Heriot-Watt for giving me the opportunity to engage with so many partners and stakeholders of the last 15 years, and to the amazing team whose talent and commitment is unrivalled. It’s very humbling to receive the Knowledge Exchange Champion Award.

The event was held on 27th of February 2020 “to celebrate the local and global impacts achieved for society and the economy through R&D partnership and knowledge sharing between businesses, colleges, universities and research institutes.“.

For a full list of winners click through to The Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards

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