Wenshuo Tang attends IEEE OCEANS

Smart Systems Group Research Associate, Wenshuo Tang, attended IEEE OCEANS in Seattle in October 2019 to present two publications. Wenshuo’s research focuses on the application of advanced machine learning techniques in asset health management and prognostics in different energy systems.

IEEE OCEANS is a bi-annual event for global marine technologists, engineers, students, government officials, lawyers, and advocates. These industry leaders gather for four days to highlight relevant topics and current trends, while creating a community of learners and influencers who consistently advance research, practices, and policies for the marine field.

Wenshuo’s novel and seminal works advance fusion prognostic models for asset health management for subsea power cables, with the application of state-of-art machine learning techniques and multi-physical models. These publications were funded by HOME Offshore and ORCA Hub and are linked below:

The Application of Machine Learning and Low Frequency Sonar Inspection for Subsea Power Cable Integrity Evaluation

The Design of a Fusion Prognostic Model and Health Management tool for Subsea Power Cables

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