PhD opportunity: Digital surrogate of a microwave sensor system

We are pleased to announce an exciting new PhD opportunity, via our EPS scholarships 2021 programme.

A microwave sensor system was created to detect the intrinsic and varying properties of materials via non-destructive evaluation. The system is made of a horn antenna and a frequency modulated continuous wave radar system that allows the processing of the reflected microwave signal in the digital domain. Applications of the system are far ranging and include asset management, safety and food quality control applications. The student will be required to design a simulation model of the system from first principles that replicates the behaviour of the system.

Supervisor: Prof. David Flynn
Funding: James Watt Scholarship (JWS)

Applications must be made through the Heriot-Watt on-line application system.

All applications must be received by Sunday 31st January 2021.

Expected to commence in September/October 2021.

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