An Evaluation of Millimetre-wave Radar Sensing for Civil Infrastructure – Available on IEEE Xplore Open Access

Critical infrastructure is a dense network of systems that provide vital services such as energy, transport and water. Continuous cycles of monitoring and repair are vital to the economic development and functions of a community. Current detection methods of subsurface fault precursors in civil infrastructure are insufficient for subsurface defect detection. In this paper, “An Evaluation of Millimetre-wave Radar Sensing for Civil Infrastructure”, we present the analysis of complex multi-layer structures with radar, Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) sensing. Results have demonstrated the ability of K-band analysis to detect embedded and obscured materials during inspection. This includes detection of the depth and geometry of subsurface materials and detection of water ingress within materials. Thus, we propose that FMCW analysis represents a novel method of non-contact and non-destructive analysis of dielectric and multi-layer materials applicable to asset integrity and health monitoring for the civil infrastructure sector.

This publication can be accessed on IEEE Xplore by clicking here where the conference paper showcases the utilisation of Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave radar for asset integrity inspection of civil infrastructure. This work was presented by Daniel Mitchell with support from Dr. Jamie Blanche and the project lead Professor David Flynn from the Smart Systems Group based at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. The presentation can be accessed on this page or via the following link to our Smart Systems Group Youtube Channel.

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