Robotic Engineering Superhero’s

Wind turbines harness the wind to produce energy, however, they can be quite dangerous to maintain. Offshore engineers are subjected to dangerous conditions which include hazardous weather conditions and environments. Robotic platforms which include robots for air, land and sea, can be used to complete inspection and maintenance missions to reduce the risk and increase safety for workers in the offshore environment. This can make the life of the offshore workforce much easier as robots can assist in difficult or dangerous jobs.

Robotic Engineering Superhero’s storyboarded as a cartoon animation.

Congratulations to PhD Student, Daniel Mitchell, who recently created a presentation to inspire the engineers of the future at The Kings Academy School, Middlesbrough via a Zoom meeting. This was created in partnership with the Offshore Robotics for the Certification of Assets (ORCA) Hub and Heriot-Watt University.

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to give back to the community and showcase some of the videos which I have created as part of my PhD. It was great to hear the interest from the students and hopefully allow them to help to consider what other career choices they may have in the future.”– Daniel Mitchell, PhD Student at Heriot-Watt University

See links to some of the videos which he shared with the students below:

  1. Symbiotic System of Systems Approach for Resilient Robotics
  2. Symbiotic System of System Approach – Autonomous Confined Space Asset Integrity Inspection
Daniel Mitchell alongside his presentation for the Kings Academy
Symbiotic System of Systems Approach for Resilient Robotics– A video which highlights current procedures and future procedures where robotics has the ability to complete a wide range of inspections and maintenance

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