Technology Exploration for Security Sensing

Concealed Weapon Detection Using Non-Contact Millimetre-Wave Sensing” lead by Dr. Jamie Blanche

A research group based at Heriot-Watt University’s Smart System Group have worked in partnership with Microsense Technologies Ltd to develop a compact sensing technology to help reduce the risks associated with modern day policing.

Recent reports published by the BBC News indicate that knife crime is becoming an increasing problem within the UK. In the year from March 2018-2019, there were 43,516 knife crime offences. This resulted in an increase of 80% from the low-point in the year ending March 2014.

Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Radar offers the ability to monitor suspects from a distance in dynamic and challenging sensing scenarios. The millimetre-wave radar sensor requires no visual contact with the target and can detect high permittivity contrasts through visually opaque conditions which include smoke, steam, mist, multiple layers of clothing and walls. This will ensure Police Officers can attain information about whether a suspect is concealing a weapon on their person.

During these challenging times, it’s important that strategic alliances and partnerships are formed across societies critical service providers and public institutions. The Smart Systems Group understand that the factors behind criminal behaviour and activities are complex, and include social and economic factors. However, technology has a role to play in the detection and prevention of crime, as well as support for victims. The Smart Systems Group intend to make available our knowledge of Ai, Sensing and Digital Technologies to Police Scotland and their colleagues throughout the UK , to support their efforts in preventing crime, protecting society and delivering justice.

The presentation on Concealed Weapon Detection Using Non-Contact Millimetre-Wave Sensing can be viewed via our Youtube Channel by Clicking here.

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